ToyBrush 3D

ToyBrush 3D

Unicorns, Teddy Bears, Butterflies and More
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Have infinite fun coloring and decorating a splendid collection of 21 wooden, plastic or fabric 3D toys with smart creative tools! We have carefully arranged a room full of toys – princesses, unicorns, butterflies, ballerinas, teddy bears and many more - eagerly waiting for some little hands to take the brush and paint them from scratch. Brush and roll paint, apply textures, place funny and colorful stickers on realistic looking surfaces, let your kids' imagination transform the toys to their liking!

It’s not only fun, but also a great way of learning about colors and shapes, not to mention the full 3D orientation environment that helps the development of spatial perception. Kids can rotate manually or automatically the toys to either color or display them in their full splendor!
There are no rules when it comes to the painting part, the possiblities are endless. We just made sure to provide a range of smart coloring tools for applying brush strokes, stickers and textures with spill over restraints for easy control.

ToyBrush 3D is suitable for kids as young as 2 and features:
• Realistic 3D toys including a prince, princess, fairy godmother, ballerina, mermaid, carriage, teapot, coffee cup, ice cream, cake, flower, butterfly, turtle push toy, mushroom house, alarm clock, owl, baby, teddy bear, cat, unicorn, bird
• Rainbow hued palette of paint colors
• Resizable stickers, decals and facial features to embellish creations
• Undo button for fixing mistakes
• Music and sound effects with independent on/off switches
• Simple child friendly camera save function
• Dedicated toddler setting which uses auto-rotation
• Rollers which apply color in controlled horizontal or vertical swaths
• Unlimited supplies and items to paint for never-ending fun

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