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Q When is your next app coming out?
Q Can I have a sneak peek or be a beta tester?
  • A We are always in search of beta testers, just send us your apple ID via email and you will receive testing invitations with simple step by step instructions.
Q On what devices are Croco Studio’s apps running and can be purchased?
  • A Our apps are running on iPad, iPhone and most of the Android smartphones and tablets.
Q It seems I have a problem with an app, looks like a bug. What should I do?
  • A There is some essential information required in order to track down a potential bug and the fastest way is to fill in the form right on this support section on our site.
Q Do you offer any localization for your apps in other languages?
  • A Our apps have intuitive language neutral settings and game play. If the description of an app is not translated in your language or if you have a particular question, write us an e-mail, we’re here to help.
Q Do you make only kids apps? What is the age group?
  • A We started out as a kids apps publisher, but we are working on increasing the addressed age group.
Q Do you use in-app purchases?
  • A Our apps do not contain in-app purchases except “StoryBook Studio” which contains one $1.99 in-app.
Q Do you use third party ads or any other unprotected links in your apps?
  • A We do not use third party ads and we do not use unprotected links. You can read more on our privacy policy page.
Q Can I deactivate cross-promotional links for your other products?
  • A Some apps have cross promotional elements inside and they can be deactivated via “For Parents” section, down -> right button.
Q Do you offer any discounts or promotions?
  • A We automatically offer discount for Apple registered Educational Institutions. If you are not registered please write us an email. We offer promotions on various occasions and the best way to find out about them is to follow our Facebook page.
Q No sound?
  • A If you already checked your device’s sound settings and other sound setting inside the app and that is not the cause then please fill in the form on the Support section on our website and we'll get back to you.
Q I want to buy a bundle but I have some apps already installed, will I be charged again?
  • A No. If you have already purchased a part of the bundle, you should see the “complete My Bundle” option, you will be charged only for the remaining apps.