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Once upon a time kids used their imagination to venture to far off lands full of castles, dragons, princesses and brave knights. Fast forward to today and youngsters are dreaming of epic battles aboard spaceships, the impending zombie apocalypse and magical realms populated by fantastical beings.

Now they can harness all that creative energy and bring their favorite sagas to life with StoryBook Studio – Create > Animate > Record. No matter the genre, StoryBook provides the platform kids need to set their imagination free. Choose a setting from the 21 backgrounds and add details using the design elements in your tool box. Build a castle, raise a barn or design a city of the future. Everything is resizable and can be personalized using the virtually unlimited combinations of color choices, clothing, accessories and shapes.

Whether your child favors classic fairy tales set in idyllic, flower-strewn meadows or the gritty edge of a barren dystopian world, StoryBook provides everything kids need for enhanced storytelling. Elaborate book trailers with live action and narration, stylized, animated cartoons and modern fairy tales with a happily ever after ending are just a few of the projects kids can develop and share.


• Multiple backgrounds with site specific environmental sounds

• Scrolling library of building parts and vegetation to add to scenes

• Complete line up of fairy tale characters

• Mix and match clothing and accessories

• Dozens of shapes to combine into unique objects

• Editing tools including flipping, copying, resizing and mirroring elements

• Record original narration and custom sound effects

• Direct live action stories with animated characters and objects

• Save and share projects using email

• Learn to direct through interactive tutorials Whether they’re making dolphins flip or battling an ogre, every child is a star with Storybook Studio.