Build and Play 3D Sketch and Stretch Studio

Build anything you can imagine in 3D! Get creative with an endless supply of stretchable shapes of every size and color in this hands-on design studio!

Recommended: Ages 9+

Build and Play Build and Play 3D
Planes Special Edition

Aeronautical engineering may be far ahead, but we take care of the first steps. We make building and flying planes easier than ever! It's adventure time!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Build and Play 3D
Rockets, Helicopters, Submarines and More

More toys, more fun, more happy busy kids! What parent doesn’t want that? We’re here to help with these brand new toys children will love to build and play with!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Build and Play 3D
Planes, Trains, Robots and More

A fun game for kids to learn how to build cars, ships, airplanes, trains and more by piecing together all the parts in 3D!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Design and Play
Monster Cute Jewels

Meet these spine-tingling monsters! The weird kind. They love jewels. And they want to be in style! Unleash the crafty monster inside you and help them look all spooky and nice!

Recommended: Ages 6+

Build and Play Sort and Stack
Play Smart and Learn

Give your kids this app to build the colorful toys we really enjoyed designing for them! It’s a fun way to help them develop problem solving skills and think creatively!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Shape Sorter
Early Learning Blocks

Here’s how your little ones can learn basic shapes, animals, numbers, daily objects and more. It’s no rocket science, but it surely is a good start for all the curious tots out there!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Play and Discover
Shapes, Numbers, Music and More

Well, this is not just another puzzle! It gradually introduces kids to basic knowledge with lots of themes and things to learn! And it’s another award winning app - Editor’s Choice Award from Children’s Technology Review. Just saying..

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Fairytale Sort & Stack
Princesses, Knights, Dragons and More

Take a walk down this fairytale road and see what’s hiding behind each flag! A bit of magic at your fingertips!

Recommended: Ages 3+

Build and Play Kids’ First Cube Puzzle
Parrot the Pirate, Doctor Fox, Detective Squirrel and Friends

Kids love to solve puzzles, we know that. We've put lots of adorable animals into the game just to make sure they will love it even more. If you’re still puzzled about this app, have a look to see how it works!

Recommended: Ages 3+